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SEE WHAT SEE?!: DEREK 21 min read

26 May 2020 < 1 min read


SEE WHAT SEE?!: DEREK 21 min read

Reading Time: < 1 minute

“SEE WHAT SEE?!” is a new weekly series where the Sinema team will delve into local productions on meWATCH to help you decide if you should stream it or skip it. The goal of the series is to bridge the gap between Singaporeans and locally produced content, one episode at a time!

On our fourth episode, we dive into the grimy world of Derek 2. In its second season, with serial killer Derek Ho’s days running out, Dr Winnie Low races to complete her profile of Singapore’s most notorious serial killer, and get to the bottom of the list of missing women Derek is believed to have been responsible for.

Directed and written by Lee Thean-Jeen, the series stars Desmond Tan, Michelle Wong, Cheryl Chitty Tan, Jae Liew and Fauzie Laily.

Catch Derek 2 on MeWatch

(0:00) Start of episode
(0:36) The Code Of Law Universe
(1:22) Derek 2 trailer
(2:39) Discussion of the series’s story and premise
(8:59) Discussion of the series’s format and pacing
(12:17) Discussion of the series’s characters and performances
(20:01) Discussion of the series’s technical and production value
(23:45) Discussion of the series’s entertainment value
(26:55) Would you guys be watching more of Derek?
(32:08) Series summary, Code of Law Finale
(33:01) What are we watching next?

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