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SEE WHAT SEE?!: C.L.I.F. 51 min read

22 May 2020 < 1 min read


SEE WHAT SEE?!: C.L.I.F. 51 min read

Reading Time: < 1 minute

“SEE WHAT SEE?!” is a new weekly series where the Sinema team will delve into local productions on meWATCH to help you decide if you should stream it or skip it. The goal of the series is to bridge the gap between Singaporeans and locally produced content, one episode at a time!

On our third episode, we discuss season 5 of C.L.I.F.. This instalment sees the police procedural series take to the turbulent waters of Singapore’s coasts. With a sinister criminal ring lurking in the shadows, the series promises heartpounding action and love blossoming amidst the turmoil.

Production House: Mediacorp Channel 8
Directed by: Oh Liang Cai, Gao Shu Yi
Director of Photography: Tommy Lee
Written by: Lim Gin Lan

Staring Rebecca Lim, Pierre Png, Weber Yang, Rayson Tan, and Guo Liang, catch the series on meWATCH or on Channel 8’s YouTube channel.

(0:00) Start of episode
(0:46) Series trailer
(2:10) Discussion of the series’s plot and premise
(9:02) Discussion of the series’s format and pacing
(13:00) Discussion of the series’s characters
(17:45) Discussion of the series’s format
(19:55) Discussion of the series’s technical and production value, plus Nicholas’s thoughts on the acting and writing
(27:10) Discussion of the series’s entertainment value
(37:20) What are we watching next?

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