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SEE WHAT SEE?!: Arivaan1 min read

19 May 2020 < 1 min read


SEE WHAT SEE?!: Arivaan1 min read

Reading Time: < 1 minute

“SEE WHAT SEE?!” is a new weekly series where the Sinema team will delve into local productions on meWATCH to help you decide if you should stream it or skip it. The goal of the series is to bridge the gap between Singaporeans and locally produced content, one episode at a time!

On our second episode, we discuss Arivaan, a crime thriller surrounding Hari, an ex-police officer with ESP powers. When a serial killer crops up claiming to have kidnapped a young girl, Hari is compelled to track him down, believing that he is the same criminal that almost took everything away from him six years ago.

Production house: Mediacorp Eaglevision
Directors: Kumaran Sundaram, Don Aravind, D. Vel Murugan
Director of Photography: Kandaswamy Gopal
Story by: Kumaran Sundaram, Raja Tamilmaran

The series stars Jabu Deen Faruk, James Kumar, Gayathri Segaran, Udaya Soundari and R.Venga. Catch Arivaan on meWATCH.

(0:00) Start of episode
(0:40) Series trailer
(1:30) Discussion of the premise and story
(4:28) Discussion of the pacing and flow
(7:55) Discussion of the series’s characters and performances
(10:35) Discussion of the series’s dialogue
(11:39) Comparing how Forensik and Arivaan has their own take on the police procedural genre
(13:24) Discussion of the series’s technical and production value
(17:05) Discussion of the entertainment value
(22:10) Series summary
(22:40) What are we watching next?

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