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Carousell Partners the Singapore Brand Office to Support Creative Freelancers With ‘Made in SG’ Initiative

6 May 2020


Carousell Partners the Singapore Brand Office to Support Creative Freelancers With ‘Made in SG’ Initiative

Carousell, has announced its inaugural partnership with the Singapore Brand Office (SGBO) with the launch of ‘MADE in SG’ – a local campaign to support freelancers and professionals in the Media, Arts, Design, and
Entertainment (M.A.D.E) industry affected by COVID-19.

Many local creative freelancers have been adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, losing their sources of income with cancelled or indefinitely postponed projects. Carousell and the SGBO, the government office that leads the promotion of Singapore’s country brand, ‘Passion Made Possible’, worked with SG COVID-19 Creative/Cultural Professionals & Freelancers Support Group, a ground-up support group for creative freelancers, to launch MADE in SG, a platform for local creatives to continue pursuing their passions and engaging audiences online, even amid the COVID-19 crisis.

MADE in SG will provide all members of the creative community with free exposure to sell their creative works and services on Carousell’s front page, as part of a curated collection. To further support them, these members can stand to receive a CarouBiz (Carousell for Business) Starter Pack that comprises 3 months-worth of Caroubiz subscription and S$100 of Carousell coins. These are resources that the members can leverage to gain additional visibility for their listings and data-backed insights to help them
enhance their listings.

Marcus Tan, Co-founder, Carousell said, “As a homegrown company, we are stepping up to support the members of the M.A.D.E community in Singapore. Carousell’s community has always been its biggest strength, and will be enriched with our creative friends bringing in online master-classes and unique merchandise for our users. When we bring members of our community together, they make so much more possible for one another. With 1 in 4 Singaporeans using our app every month, MADE in SG will give freelancers the reach, visibility, and means to provide online classes, digital services, and sell their creative works to our users. We are proud to be working with SGBO, to promote the pursuit of passions in Singapore and rally support for the members of our resilient arts community.”

Some highlights of the MADE in SG initiative includes online masterclasses such as watercolour painting, singing, beatboxing, as well as customised merchandise ranging from canvas oil paintings, to hand-painted sneakers, and hand-woven necklaces. Users can use Carousell Protection, Carousell’s trusted escrow solution which holds funds until the transaction is verified as successful by both buyer and seller, to securely pay for online masterclasses or creative merchandise with peace of mind.

One such artist who will be offering online services is Isaac Liang, a deaf illustrator, who will be giving tutorials on caricature drawing through both digital mediums, such as apps like Procreate, and traditional methods, such as watercolour on paper.

“All my income streams have been lost due to COVID-19, but I want to keep creating, drawing and making. I love drawing people. I hope this will help me earn some money on a regular basis,” said Isaac.

Dr Claire Tan, the Director of the SGBO said: “The SGBO is happy to partner Carousell on this meaningful MADE in SG initiative. Singapore is a nation built and driven by a community that has overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges by turning possibilities into reality. What the SG Brand celebrates – efforts of Singaporeans who have pursued their passions to contribute to a better tomorrow for all of us – is exactly the spirit behind the MADE in SG initiative. Over the last few months, we have seen many examples of the passion, tenacity and determination of many Singaporeans from all walks of life, stepping up and forward in extending their help. These are the values we want to uphold and support. The MADE in SG project is our way of standing alongside those battling difficult times in the creative industry. We hope this will encourage them to stay strong and continue their passions even during this difficult time.”

To support local members of the M.A.D.E industry by learning a new craft, brushing up on skills, or acquiring a custom piece of art, visit the MADE in SG page on Carousell: