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IMDA’s Advisories on COVID-19 Situation Released 7 April 20202 min read

7 April 2020 2 min read


IMDA’s Advisories on COVID-19 Situation Released 7 April 20202 min read

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For Arts Entertainment and Cinema Stakeholders

In light of the evolving Coronavirus Disease 2019 (“COVID-19”) situation, the Singapore Government has enforced an elevated set of safe distancing measures to pre-empt the trend of local transmission of COVID-19.

These measures will be in place until 4 May 2020 (inclusive). Essential services will continue to operate during this period.

Arts Entertainment Events, and Film Screenings/Exhibitions

From now until 4 May 2020 (inclusive), all events and mass gatherings (e.g. conferences, exhibitions, festivals, concerts, film screenings, sporting events, trade fairs) must be cancelled or deferred, regardless of size, and whether they are ticketed and non-ticketed. Premises for such events e.g. cinemas and theatres will also remain closed.

For Arts Entertainment events during this period which have been licensed by IMDA and are cancelled or postponed, please email IMDA at as soon as possible. IMDA will cancel all pending licence applications for events during this period. 

For the latest updates on the COVID-19 situation, please visit the MOH’s website or call its hotline at 1800 333 9999. 

For Media Content Production Companies

On 3 Apr 2020, the Ministry of Trade and Information (MTI) issued guidance on the suspension of all non-essential activities at workplace premises to reduce the risk of further local transmission of COVID-19. Only companies that provide essential services and their related supply chains are exempted from this suspension.

In general, production work such as shoots have to be put on hold or postponed during this period. Priority will be given to public communications efforts related to COVID-19 and essential services. Specifically, exceptions will only apply to companies that are:

(i) Involved in production and critical support work for public service broadcasting by Mediacorp and campaigns related to essential services; or
(ii) Involved in production of COVID-19 related messaging and content commissioned by MCI and/or other government agencies.

For companies which may fall within the above exceptions, please apply for the exemption with the MTI at

Safe distancing measures 

Kindly note that should you be granted the exemption, you should continue to adhere to safe distancing guidelines and limit to groups of 10 or less per approved limits. Companies should operate using the minimum number of employees required during this period. Those who can work from home should be encouraged to do so. Safe distancing measures such as staggering working hours and ensuring work stations are spaced at least 1 metre apart should continue to be adhered to in the office.

For companies looking for remote working or telecommuting options, please visit our Biz Go Digital page for a list of available solutions. Many solutions are pre-approved and applicable for up to 80% grant support under the expanded Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) scheme.

For further queries or clarifications, please contact IMDA at or at 63773800.

For updates on the ongoing COVID-19 situation, follow IMDA on Facebook or check back to their official website.

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