Members of Singapore’s Creative and Cultural Industry Launches

23 March 2020


Members of Singapore’s Creative and Cultural Industry Launches

First starting out in the US and Australia, a group of Singaporeans has launched Singapore’s version of ILostMyGig. The website, started by members of Singapore’s creative and cultural industry Keith Tan, Jerry Lim, Jeremy Ho and Loh Hsiao Shan, is dedicated to tracking the impact of the COVID-19 in the creative and cultural industry.

As of 23 March afternoon, the lost income in the industry has tallied to more than S$4 million over the 551 surveyed and the 1049 projects they have lost.

This tally is based off of data collected via the website. aims to attain accurate figures to help those vulnerable in the industry, including the sector they are involved in, the reasons for their projects’ cancellation, and their estimated total loss of income.

Additionally, the website also looks to connect those looking to offer help and those who require it, and that for those who can help are able to in the most effective way. The website, however, makes a distinction that they are not collecting any donations or funds.

Lastly, the website is also a resource hub for the various segments of the industry with its list of associations and societies, and a landing site for the latest news relating to COVID-19’s impact on the industry.

If you are a member of the industry, look to support the initiative by filling up the response form to give a clearer picture of how badly hit the industry has been hit by the COVID-19 outbreak.

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