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‘The Inciting Incident: Lightning Round #01’ Is Now Open For Submissions!

20 March 2020


‘The Inciting Incident: Lightning Round #01’ Is Now Open For Submissions!

The Inciting Incident is Sinema Media’s inaugural screenplay competition, in partnership with casting agency Hello Group, acting school Method Acting Asia, publishing house Epigram Books and online interactive and fundraising platform Premise.

It aims to encourage screenwriters to shake off their hesitation, flesh out their stories and put them into the world. We believe that more screenplays will lead to more films being made, and that the screenplay challenge will push overall quality, thus growing the industry. At the same time, we want to showcase the emerging talents in this under-recognized and under-appreciated craft.

From time to time, The Inciting Incident will be hosting lightning rounds of the challenge, where screenwriters will be given 50 hours to complete a screenplay based on a theme and incorporating two given lines of dialogue.

The first lightning round will kick off Friday, 20 March, 6pm with the submission window closing on Sunday, 22 March, 8pm. Only one winner will emerge from this round, who will win the entire pot of submission fees.

The theme of this round is WHEN SHIT HITS THE FAN.

All submissions must include these two lines of dialogue:
“I told you not to bring it!”
“What did the postman say exactly?”

For full details, visit the round’s official landing page.