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Sinema.SG LIVE! Episode #14: Actors Jo Tan and Edward Choy1 min read

13 March 2020 < 1 min read


Sinema.SG LIVE! Episode #14: Actors Jo Tan and Edward Choy1 min read

Reading Time: < 1 minute

On this episode of Sinema.SG LIVE! we speak with actors Jo Tan and Edward Choy to find out more about how they are coping with the COVID-19 situation 1 month into DORSCON Orange.

(0:20) Start of episode
(3:25) Survey and feedback updates
(15:37) Jo’s introduction
(18:58) Edward’s introduction
(22:33) Due to COVID-19, did you want to go back to your original profession?
(25:19) What do both your parents feel about both of you being freelancers?
(26:54) Have any of your projects been affected?
(32:10) Negotiating terms that can protect freelancers better
(36:40) Would you consider joining a trade association?
(39:01) What would you like to see during COVID-19?
(41:52) Issues with pay rates
(45:07) Discussing the importance of the industry
(48:07) Discussion about a past Government push in the creative industry
(49:42) Who is the new advocate in the Government that could provide a voice for the creative industry?
(54:33) What do you think about the Budget 2020 measures?
(57:23) Talking about ground-up initiatives for up-scaling within the industry
(59:39) Discussing funding and alternative event viewing methods
(1:04:19) Looking at replies from livestream
(1:09:20) Conclusion

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