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Sinema.SG LIVE! Episode #02: Opportunity To Do Good

13 February 2020


Sinema.SG LIVE! Episode #02: Opportunity To Do Good

On this episode of Sinema.SG LIVE! we catch up on the latest updates surrounding COVID-19 and the industry.


(0:28) Start of episode
(2:10) Those that are affected by the lack of resources and treatment opportunities due to the current focus on COVID-19
(4:12) Call for volunteers in the industry to help those in need
(6:28) Discussion about the various surveys looking for feedback from the industry
(8:30) Q&A
(9:40) How the industry would be harder hit this time around with COVID-19 than with SARS
(11:16) Call to share stories and experiences about how professionals in the industry have been affected by the outbreak
(13:43) Should there be cancellation clauses?
(14:40) COVID-19 and how it may affect animation studios
(20:00) Call for stories for a Sinema article regarding the impact of COVID-19 and the industry.
(22:10) Responding to livestream comments