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Curious About Entering the Film and Media Industry? Here’s A Peek Behind-The-Scenes

31 January 2020


Curious About Entering the Film and Media Industry? Here’s A Peek Behind-The-Scenes

Whether you are a fresh graduate looking to enter the film and media industry or someone planning for a mid-career switch, we have found a valuable resource for you. ScreenSkills, UK’s industry-led body for screen-based creative industries, has a comprehensive list of job profiles for the main roles in the industry.

Taken together, these job profiles provide a clear structure of how this industry works. This structure also shows that one does not necessarily have to attend film school to enter the industry – through apprenticeships, prospects can look to learn on the job.

Interested in production management? ScreenSkills recommends taking on entry-level positions such as the roles of production runner or locations trainee to gain the skills of the trade. With knowledge in tow, a path of advancement in presented towards managerial roles such as the line producer and production coordinator

Each job profile is chock-full of useful information. It includes an overview of the job scope, the skills and qualifications required for the role, and an array of relevant resources. These lay out widely-accepted barriers for entry and expectations that should be beneficial for both employers and prospects. For those seeking to switch career paths into film and broadcast, matching relevant skills to these roles could also ease horizontal integration into the industry.

While written for the industry in the UK, these roles and profiles are and should still be highly relevant in the local context. We at Sinema also believe that it would be beneficial to be in tune with the more established industries to ensure that our homegrown talents are global-ready. 

In line with this belief, Sinema will be launching the Sinema Classroom later this year, designed to give condensed crash courses of skills essential for working in the industry. Hosted by industry professionals, these classes range from half-day primers to thirteen weeks-long modules. Stay tuned for more details about the Sinema Classroom!