‘Manta Ray’ Producer to Receive Southeast Asia Co-Production Grant

28 November 2019


‘Manta Ray’ Producer to Receive Southeast Asia Co-Production Grant

Venice-winning Thai producer Mai Meksawan (Manta Ray) has been handed a slice of the inaugural Southeast Asia Co-Production Grant, and he revealed that the figure, up to S$250,000, being provided would allow “ambitions to be fulfilled.”

“The budget for my new project is very big for a Thai film, at around S$800,000 ($586,000), so this money means we can now meet that budget,” said Mai, co-founder of Thailand’s Diversion production house. “It’s a very ambitious project and now we’ll be able to start next year. It is a great help to us, considering the economy in Thailand is not that good right now.”

Mai’s project was among eight announced as the first recipients of the Southeast Asia Co-Production Grant, an initiative that has emerged out of the Singapore Film Commission, which comes under the umbrella of the city’s Infocomm Media Development Authority.

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Photo Credit: Film still from ‘Manta Ray’ (2018); Courtesy of Venice International Film Festival

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