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Skydio 2.0 is Here – This Drone Doesn’t Need a Pilot

5 October 2019


Skydio 2.0 is Here – This Drone Doesn’t Need a Pilot

Flying a drone without the need of learn how to do it? No worries, Skydio 2.0 is here and it claims to do exactly that: It does the flying and filming, you just do whatever it takes to make the resulting footage a lasting impression. Skydio 2.0 is the successor of Skydio R1 and it is the result of over 10 years worth of R&D. Is this a serious DJI Mavic 2 competitor?

This is not just a drone. But it can be just that since you still have the freedom of choice whether you want to fully control it or if you want it to take over and fly autonomously. The unique selling point here is the auto-pilot mode, of course. First things first, watch the intro video in order to get a full grasp of what Skydio 2.0 can do for you

So you can fly the Skydio just like a normal drone using either a classic handheld controller plus your phone or the new Beacon, a tiny controller without the clutter of a joystick-phone tandem. Each controller extends the range of the Skydio 2.0 in which it can operate and reliably track you. The Beacon allows for a 1.5km range, the fully-fledged controller extend that range to 3.5km.

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Via: Cinema 5D

Image Credit: SKYDIO