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How a Filmmaker-Musician Used a 360 Camera to Create His Unique Music Video1 min read

4 October 2019 < 1 min read


How a Filmmaker-Musician Used a 360 Camera to Create His Unique Music Video1 min read

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“We utilised a 360 camera not for immersive 360 video but for its other superpower: reframing.”

– Brian Hall

Behind The Scenes

Coming up with the Concept

The initial concept was unearthed in a brainstorming session in March of 2019, about 5-6 months before we shot the music video for our song “Hutah!”. The Insta360 One X had just been released, and I got one. I’d never been much inclined toward the use of 360 video. Being able to look around is cool, but rather than immersing the viewer, I’d found that 360 video commonly would distract or even overwhelm them. I fell in love with the One X because its primary purpose is not to create 360 videos. It is designed to let you reframe footage the way you want after you’ve already shot. It’s an “over capture” camera, if you will.

Another filmmaking obsession of mine has been and reverse music videos. There’s such a wonderful canon of entries in this style from legendary artists like Pharcyde, Alt-J, Mutemath, Shad, Motion City Soundtrack, and probably a bunch of other bands that I’m disrespecting by not mentioning. So many great bands have done so many interesting things with reverse music videos. The problem is that it has started to feel over done. For me, the fun part is trying to find a way to make a unique entry. 

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Image Credit: Brian Hall

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