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“Screwed Up Moments”: Singapore Podcast Series on Why it’s Okay to Fail

26 September 2019


“Screwed Up Moments”: Singapore Podcast Series on Why it’s Okay to Fail

Happiness Initiative and Fabl productions have announced the launch Screwed Up Moments Podcast, Singapore’s first podcast series featuring the major life struggles and failures of 9 unique individuals from various walks of life.

The first season of the podcast will release every Thursday from October to December, beginning on the 4th. Danny Koordi, from Fabl Productions, who produced all the podcasts, is the host for the series.

Previously, Screwed-Up Moments was a solely physical event aiming to destigmatise failure. It was running for almost a year and has seven editions so far. Each event had 3 speakers to share their personal on stories of failures and struggles, and how they overcame it.

After Danny Koordi of Fabl Productions attended one of the Screwed Up Moments, he was very inspired by the stories, and proposed the turning of these stories into a series of podcasts.

Danny shared, “Listening to the speakers tell their most painful and intimate moments was a really powerful experience. After those live sessions, all I could think of was how impactful this stories could be on podcasts, where people can hear it anytime.”

He added, “Podcasting is a platform that holds a deeper intimacy with the listener, while granting more space and freedom for the guest to tell their story. Couple that with the fact that podcasts are easily accessible and free, it was really a no brainer. I’m very happy that Happiness Initiative shared the same sentiments.”

On 2 October, the first episode of the podcast will be released, and subsequently, one episode will be released every week on Thursday. Members of the public are welcome to attend the launch event at 7PM at The Red Box, where the 8th edition of Screwed Up Moments will be happening. Admission is free.

To RSVP for the launch, get your tickets on Peatix.

Or simply subscribe to the podcast, which is available on Spotify.