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This Interactive Online Colour Wheel Will Help You Understand Colour Theory

20 September 2019


This Interactive Online Colour Wheel Will Help You Understand Colour Theory

The folks over at Canva have put together a fun, interactive Color Wheel tool that might just be the easiest, most enjoyable way way to play around with and learn about colour theory. Canva is an online tool/service that uses a drag-and-drop interface to help beginners create professional looking designs. As such, the colour wheel they’ve created is actually meant for designers, but that doesn’t mean photographers can’t use it to learn about colour theory as well.

As we’ve pointed out multiple times in the past, an understanding of colour theory can work wonders for your photography, especially once you get into post-processing. Getting an accurate colour balance is only a starting point, after which you can alter and modify the image to suit the mood and feeling you’re trying to convey.

One of the best ways to do this is by using colours that “work well together,” like complementary colour that sit on opposing sides of the colour wheel, triadic colours for a bold look, or various shades of the same colour for a monochromatic look. If none of those terms sound familiar, that’s where Canva’s interactive colour wheel comes in.

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Via: Petapixel

Image Credit: Canva

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