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The Laowa 15mm f/2: Wide, Fast, and Built for Full Frame Mirrorless

17 September 2019


The Laowa 15mm f/2: Wide, Fast, and Built for Full Frame Mirrorless

Laowa is one of the first to create a wide lens for Nikon’s Z and Canon’s RF mount, with their 15mm f/2 Zero-D. The lens is also available in Sony’s FE, representing a unique option for full frame mirrorless users. With an impressive aperture and focal length combination, is it a lens you should consider?

The Brand

You may not have heard about Laowa or Venus Optics before, but if you have, it’s probably because of their headline grabbing lens launches. With each announcement, it seems they’re aiming to be the world’s first in at least some way. Their first lens, a 60mm macro was the first 2:1 also capable of focusing to infinity. Their penchant for unique lenses has only continued since then, with lenses like a 4mm circular fisheye for Micro Four Thirds and a wild looking 24mm macro probe.

Don’t confuse them for a manufacturer of gimmicks, however, as these lenses really do deliver results. Still, any lens maker needs to be judged on a per lens basis.

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