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Aputure Launches Their Most Powerful Unit Yet, the Indie-Friendly and Flexible 600D2 min read

16 September 2019 2 min read


Aputure Launches Their Most Powerful Unit Yet, the Indie-Friendly and Flexible 600D2 min read

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Aputure Lighting, best known for their affordable yet punchy 120d and 300d lines, have just announced the ultra-punch 600D, designed to compete with 800Watt HMIs. When LED lighting launched, we first saw it come to prominence in softlight units that make great fill lights but lack the “punch” to be really versatile.  The last few years have seen a host of punchy LED units hit the streets, with Aputure leading the charge in the affordable space with their 300d, a punchy LED that fits in a shoulder bag with all its accessories and yet outputs an impressive amount of light.  Now Aputure is doubling that with their newly announced 600D, a unit that outputs nearly twice the already impressive 300d Mark II which was announced at NAB.

The 600W is more than just bright, there are a host of other innovations that make it very appealing for indie filmmakers looking for a flexible light for upcoming productions.  They’ve changed the body design, making it shorter and wider, so they can use a larger fan but report that it is just as quiet as the 300D, despite the larger heat output the new fan needs to control.  They’ve redesigned their accessories, including fresnel, softbox, and spotlight, to work in complement with the new unit and take full advantage of the light output available. It also still offers battery power, with 4x mounting plates for V mount batteries for times when you just need to work without wall power.  If you only have 2 V-mounts available, you can mount them up and still get 50% output.  It all works, of course, with the brand new Sidus mesh network for light control.

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Via: No Film School

Image Credit: No Film School / Aputure Asia

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