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Samyang Launches New Line-up of XEEN CF Cinema Prime Lenses3 min read

12 September 2019 2 min read


Samyang Launches New Line-up of XEEN CF Cinema Prime Lenses3 min read

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Global Optics Manufacturer Samyang Optics officially announces the launch of new XEEN CF cinema prime lenses.

Compact and lightweight – the perfect fit for modern video filming trends

XEEN cine prime lenses were the first speciality video & cinema lenses released by Samyang Optics back in 2015. With 40 years of optical technology experience, Samyang and XEEN lenses have expanded the world’s imaging market with exceptional image quality, highest precision optical technology and unique special-coating technology.

Incredible Detail: 9 Elements and 8 Specialty Optics

With a total of 9 lens elements in 8 groups, Samyang use 8 specialty elements (3 Aspherical, 2 High Refractive and 3 Extra Low Dispersion) to create results with incredible sharpness, low chromatic aberration and minimal distortion. This delivers unmatched resolution and colour for landscape, interior and astrophotography. The AF 18mm F2.8 FE lens utilises a Linear STM motor for fast, quiet and accurate focusing, helping the user to capture priceless moments effortlessly

Reflecting the current trend in ‘compact and lightweight’ video equipment, along with outstanding definition, XEEN CF models are the first full-frame cinema lenses which incorporate carbon fibre (lighter and stronger than metal) into the lens barrel. They also feature luminous scale markings in a new, clearly visible font.

XEEN CF lenses support 8K and full frame (large format) image sensors installed in the latest movie cameras and will be available in PL, Sony E and Canon EF mounts. They are also compatible with equipment such as drones and gimbals, enabling truly flexible equipment operation. Carbon fibre has been used for its light weight, whilst adding durability and luxury through future-orientated design.

Look & feel – beautifully conveying delicate expression

With 8K support and unique X-Coating technology, the lenses themselves provide uncompromising clarity and detail, which can be effectively controlled to create a distinctive smooth and cinematic look (even with flare and ghosting for dramatic effects). Delicate emotions of figures can be maximised, whilst still showing rich depiction. The bright T1.5 aperture value and 11-bladed diaphragms produce excellent low-light performance and beautiful bokeh.

The XEEN CF range offers five angles-of-view, most commonly used in producing feature films: The 24mm, 50mm and 85mm versions will be available in the third quarter of 2019, followed by the 16mm and 35mm models during the first half of 2020. They will be unveiled for the first time at the IBC Exhibition in Amsterdam, Netherlands from 13-17th September 2019.

Image Credit: Samyang

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