Sound Devices Unleashes MixPre II with a Hefty Dose of Dynamic Range

30 August 2019


Sound Devices Unleashes MixPre II with a Hefty Dose of Dynamic Range

Sound Devices has made some pretty exciting announcements about their MixPre II series of audio recorders. First things first: Sound Devices is now including the AC wall power supply with the MixPre II series. Thank you. It’s no longer an optional purchase; it comes in the box. This small thing alone makes me happy. It’s crushing the number of accessories you have to buy some times to get a piece of gear production-ready. But there’s much more than that to sink your teeth into. 

If you’re familiar with the original MixPre series, then you’ll recognise interface on the MixPre II…because it is exactly the same. So are the input track counts of 3, 6 and 10. However, there are also some impressive changes: the dynamic range gets a healthy bump from 120dB to 142dB, bit depth recording now includes 32bit float recording up to 192 kHz sample rate in all versions, there’s a 10-second pre-roll buffer, adjustable limiters, internal timecode and an auto-copy feature to a USB drive. 

Tech Specs

  • 3, 6 or 10 track recording 
  • 142dB dynamic range
  • 32bit float, 24bit, 16bit recording 
  • Up to 192kHz sample rate
  • Mic input: +6dB to +76dB
  • Line input: -20dB to +30dB
  • Timecode 
  • Auto-copy to USB
  • Power supply included 

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Via: No Film School

Image Credit: Sound Devices

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