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Insta360 Go is a 20 gram wearable cam with FlowState stabilisation2 min read

29 August 2019 2 min read


Insta360 Go is a 20 gram wearable cam with FlowState stabilisation2 min read

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Insta360 has just launched the GO (available in Singapore for S$299 in mid-September 2019), a minuscule wearable camera that can be attached to most things via a clip or its magnetic body. Its small size and low weight (18.3g/0.65oz) means it can fit into places where larger cameras can’t, allowing for unusual angles and new viewpoints.

The camera doesn’t have a screen and operation is simple: Pressing its button once records a clip for up to 30 seconds, pressing a second time stops it. Insta360’s FlowState stabilisation should make for steady footage in all situations and the company’s FlashCut auto editing saves you from sorting and editing movie files manually.

The function uses AI to select your best clips and combines them into a longer stylised video. If you are more of a hands-on user, manual editing options are available in the GO app as well. You can modify transitions, colour palette and playback speed among other parameters. It also lets you include video footage recorded on your smartphone.

The camera features a F2.1 aperture lens and records video with a 2720 x 2720 resolution at 25fps in its standard mode. The app outputs 1080p/25fps clips. Additionally, the camera comes with a Hyper-lapse mode that can record at 6x speed for up to 30 minutes. A 100 fps slow-motion mode is available, too.

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Via: DP Review

Image Credit: Insta360

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