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Why I Switched to Final Cut Pro X After 25 Years of Working on Avid1 min read

20 August 2019 < 1 min read


Why I Switched to Final Cut Pro X After 25 Years of Working on Avid1 min read

Reading Time: < 1 minute

I spent a quarter of a century editing on Avid and several years on Premiere Pro, so why did I decide to ditch them both and go with Final Cut Pro X? I’ll tell ya.

There’s a small but growing number of editors who have made the jump. The process is fairly predictable. Surprise when we first hear a fellow editor rave about FCPX. Followed by a willingness to give it a shot. And then two weeks of massive discouragement and frustration, because it’s unlike any other edit system we’ve used before. And finally, the lightbulb moment, the “NOW I get it” realization that comes with understanding the radically different workflow. (Have I mentioned that Final Cut Pro X doesn’t use tracks?)  

It’s not the perfect solution for everything, and it does have its limitations, as all NLE options do, but as a general rule, it has become my first-choice system. And the process is so much more efficient than anything else out there that I now get frustrated every time I have to return to a track-based workflow. I’ve seen the light, and working with tracks feels like going from a self-driving Tesla to an underpowered minivan.

Sure, you’ll eventually get to the same destination, but it’s going to take a lot more work on your end.

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