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10 Questions TV Writers Use To Refine Their Scripts

6 July 2019


10 Questions TV Writers Use To Refine Their Scripts

Writer John Yorke created the BBC Drama Academy in 2005. He’s a writer, teacher, and producer. John is also a drama producer. Over the years, Yorke has held the positions of Controller of BBC Drama, Head of Chanel 4 Drama and MD of Company Pictures, and oversaw the production of some of the UK’s best-loved, award-winning drama, including Shameless, EastEnders, Life on Mars, and Wolf Hall.

Recently, Yorke provided the BBC Writer’s Room with 10 questions writers need to be able to answer in order to have a successful TV show.

Whose story is it? 

When you’re writing television we need to know who we will follow each week. Who are the protagonists and antagonists? Is it an ensemble or is this the story of one person? 

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