5 Clever Transitions You Should Try with Your Gimbal

27 June 2019


5 Clever Transitions You Should Try with Your Gimbal

Director Nick Friend writes:

Gimbals aren’t just good for getting buttery smooth camera movement, you guys. You can also use them to capture some interesting, kinetic transitions to use between shots or scenes.

One of my personal favorite YouTube channels, Mango Street, makes a good case for gimbal transitions and how they can amp up a production.

The Orbiting Hyperlapse

This is when the subject is placed against a flat wall and the camera operator keeps the subject in center-frame (this is essential) and walks in a semi-circle from one part of the wall to the other and hard cuts from scene to scene, repeating the camera move and framing.

In the video, it’s stated that the distance between the subject and the camera should stay as consistent as possible. One way to do this is to use a short piece of twine or string that is the exact distance away from your subject that you’d want your camera to be and then use that to make marks on the floor with tape so that you can repeat the move over and over with consistency.

Frame Fill

This one is super simple. All you do is take a hipster-friendly instant photo with your Instax Mini and hold it in the shot.

Watch a video and read the full article here >> 

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