Comparing 5 Neutral Density Filters

26 June 2019


Comparing 5 Neutral Density Filters

Not all ND filters are created equal.

Even though they’re all designed to reduce the amount of light that hits your sensor, neutral density filters can vary quite a bit in terms of what effect they have on your final image, including color casting, vignetting, and exposure changes. But Patrick Hall of Fstoppers decided to test 5 different brands of ND filters, ranging in price between $100 to $250, to find out which ones performed the best.

Hall tests 5 different 6-stop 82mm filters:

  • Hoya
  • Tiffen
  • Formatt Hitech
  • B+W
  • Breakthrough

To test these filters effectively and accurately, Hall needed to control over the lighting in the studio, so using a single monolight, the Profoto D1, he was able to maintain the same lighting condition throughout the entire test.

Here are the results of the different tests:

White Balance

This test is designed to determine which filter is the most color neutral, that is, doesn’t bring any additional color to the image.

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Photo credit: No Film School

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