Vietnamese Filmmaker Pham Thu Hang Blooming in New Film Genre

24 June 2019


Vietnamese Filmmaker Pham Thu Hang Blooming in New Film Genre

Pham Thu Hang, a rare Vietnamese filmmaker focused on independent documentaries, is driven by passion and a need to be creative.

Her work, as a genre, is yet to fire the popular imagination. But she is making waves in a widening circle of people enjoying the works of independent documentary makers within and outside the country.

Her very first documentary, Mua Cat Vong (Future Cries Beneath Our Soil), was screened at the Singapore International Film Festival last December, and won her the Best Director award in the Asian Feature Film category.

The film, which depicts post-war life in the central province of Quang Tri, had premiered at the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival in South Korea.

“I cherish the award, since my film was evaluated in the Asian feature film category, without differentiation between documentaries and fictional films,” she said.

The achievement is certainly a shot in the arm for Hang, whose passion for a less popular film path in Vietnam – that of independent documentary making – makes it a challenging endeavor, one with less job security.

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Photo credit: VN Express

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