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NEWS: Hellboy Release in Singapore to Have Simultaneous Ratings

10 April 2019


NEWS: Hellboy Release in Singapore to Have Simultaneous Ratings

Hellboy, one of the most anticipated antihero blockbuster in 2019, will be released on 11th April in Singapore with simultaneous ratings, i.e. PG13: Some Violence and M18: Violence & Gore. The two versions are created by the producers to appeal to a wider audience. The PG13 version is meant for younger fans and family crowd whereas the M18 version (R-rating in the US) appeals to hardcore Hellboy fans.

Encore Films and Golden Village Pictures will release both versions simultaneously in various cinemas island-wide during the movie’s official release on 11th April in Singapore. Taking into account the huge Hellboy fan base in Singapore, this decision is made so as to ensure that the movie adaptation can enable consumers to choose upfront the version of the movie they would prefer to watch and can reach out to and include as many viewers and fans as possible across the largest possible age range.

“Our previous release of Attack On Titan with simultaneous ratings in 2015 was a huge success and the fans were thrilled by the decision back then. This time round, we hope to achieve the same level of success if not better by offering audience a choice” said Joyce Lee, Managing Director, Encore Films.

Hellboy’s different versions will be screened at different cinema locations respectively:

Golden Village Suntec City
Golden Village VivoCity
Golden Village Plaza
Golden Village Grand
Golden Village City Square
Golden Village Katong

M18 ATMOS: Golden Village VivoCity

Golden Village Paya Lebar
Golden Village Bedok
Golden Village Tampines
Golden Village Jurong Point
Golden Village Tiong Bahru
Golden Village Bishan
Golden Village Yishun
Filmgarde Bugis+
Filmgarde Kallang
Filmgarde Century Square
WE Cinemas, Clementi
EagleWings, KAP

PG13 D-BOX: Golden Village Bishan

Based on Mike Mignola’s acclaimed Hellboy comic book series, producers Lawrence Gordon and Lloyd Levin knew the time was right to reimagine the movie franchise. The landscape of the horror-action-fantasy genre had changed dramatically in the ensuing decade and a half. Recent big-budget

comic-book-based titles demonstrated that moviegoers were ready to embrace flawed superheroes (and antiheroes) and edgier storylines. This Hellboy reboot is an opportunity to push the movie in a more mature direction: more graphic, more visceral, more exciting, and thematically, a little more adult. After all, the Hellboy books suggest an R-rating in the US and the producers wanted to do something a bit more faithful to Mike’s work.

Besides being an exciting action epic, this reboot will reveal Hellboy’s dramatic origin story, his battles with The Blood Queen, a resurrected ancient sorceress thirsting to avenge a past betrayal, and Hellboy is now hell-bent on stopping The Blood Queen without triggering the end of the world. The movie is directed by Neil Marshall, starring David Harbour, Milla Jovovich, and Ian McShane, Sasha Lane, with Daniel Dae Kim.

Hellboy is co-distributed by Encore Films and Golden Village Pictures in Singapore.