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CLASSROOM: B-Roll Explained with Shooting Tips

29 March 2019


CLASSROOM: B-Roll Explained with Shooting Tips

If you are new to video, you might wonder what the difference between A-roll and B-roll footage is. In this video, you will see an in-depth explanation of the terms with three tips for achieving better results during shooting.

Without a doubt, the most important part of a video project is the planning. This means before you start shooting, you need to specify each frame based on the content you’ll be creating. Especially when shooting an interview or a commercial video, you will need different plans for different parts of the video. That’s where A-roll and B-roll comes into play. Briefly, the A-roll footage contains the main subject of the video, while the B-roll footage covers all the essential details that might be useful to complement the overall subject during editing.

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Image credit: Jeven Dovey