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NEWS: Perfect One Launching on Toggle This March1 min read

11 March 2019 2 min read


NEWS: Perfect One Launching on Toggle This March1 min read

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Imagine living in a world where a mobile application is capable of finding the perfect partner for you; a world where love transcends all boundaries; a world where finding love also means finding yourself.

This March, Toggle launches its upcoming anthology Perfect One on Toggle Originals. Kicking off on 14 March, Perfect One covers a wide range of genres that span from thriller and romance, to comedy and drama. Featuring an eclectic mix of talents including Oon Shu An, Kishan J, Korravee Pimsuk, Darryl Yong and Natalia Ng, viewers will be treated to a variety of styles and concepts as they embark on a journey to experience the various facets of love.

“The Perfect One anthology was inspired by the multiple dating mobile applications available today. We wanted to take that concept up a notch and build a series around a mobile application that could match a person with their perfect partner. At the same time, we wanted to address raw topics that are relatable to viewers,” says Nicholas Lo, Executive Producer of Perfect One.

Perfect One is an anthology that challenges the notions of love, the kinds of stories we tell and themes we shy away from in local television. It is an anthology that takes risks with the subjects and addresses not merely the technological aspects of future dating, but forces us to take a good look at ourselves and the human condition.

“Through the series, we hope to not only entertain viewers, but also start some conversations about what it means to date, love and live in our modern times. As we navigate this complex and increasingly difficult world, we hope that Perfect One will be a timely reflection to both viewers and ourselves,” adds Isaac Tan, Executive Producer of Perfect One.

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