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NEWS: Vitec Imaging Solutions Acquires Syrp

25 January 2019


NEWS: Vitec Imaging Solutions Acquires Syrp

The Vitec Group‘s division Vitec Imaging Solutions (best known for their Manfrotto brand) just announced their acquisition of Syrp, the New Zealand-based slider and motion control device manufacturer. As you might already know, the Vitec Group has been adding more and more renowned camera accessory manufacturers under their roof lately. In recent years, they acquired SmallHD, Amimon, RT Motion, Teradek, Paralinx and many more.

It’s become apparent that the Vitec Group has long realized the increasing importance of “smart” systems in filmmaking tech, really going after some key providers in various fields of our industry. With Teradek, Paralinx and ultimately Amimon, they also acquired the monopoly on wireless broadcast technology, and with SmallHD they snagged the probably most innovative provider of small on-camera monitors.

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Image credit: Cinema5D