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COMMENTARY: Using Your Camera for Something Bigger Than Yourself1 min read

20 December 2018 < 1 min read


COMMENTARY: Using Your Camera for Something Bigger Than Yourself1 min read

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There are so many ways to approach photography. We can search for artistic expression, money, Instagram fame, or any number of other things. Photographer Damari McBride believes we should all do a volunteer photo-journalistic project at least once. Let’s find out why.

Earlier this year, McBride set out on a project with Photographers Without Borders to work with Nourish in creating marketing content. They spent 10 days in South Africa documenting in stills and video the work Nourish does and the impact they’re having. McBride shared about his experiences and why he is encouraging everyone to work on a volunteer project once.

Why Do a Volunteer Project?

With the population of our planet approaching almost eight billion and a huge diversity in standards of living, now, more than ever, we can use media to do good. Everyone has a story and some don’t have the chance to have theirs heard like the more fortunate of us do. In media coverage of places like Africa, we are constantly bombarded with the bad. Poverty. War. Corruption. These don’t necessarily mean that everyone is weak, powerless, or unhappy. There are positive stories to be found and these need to be told as well.

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Image Credit: Damari McBride

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