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GEAR TALK: ‘Tis the season to be jolly with City Music3 min read

12 December 2018 3 min read


GEAR TALK: ‘Tis the season to be jolly with City Music3 min read

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It’s the season of giving and in the midst of all the secret santas and office parties; what an appropriate time to share a list of really good deals from our dear friends at City Music who happens to be doing their year end sale!

And no, this post isn’t sponsored, we just really find the deals so good that we are sharing this good stuff with our readers. Plus, who doesn’t like a lucky draw?

Zoom Q2n
U.P. $300 | Sale Price $210

The Q2n is our Sister company’s go-to camera for casting. It’s small, nifty and has great sound so it does get the job done in a quick an easy way without too much to fuss over.

Zoom F1-LP
U.P. $245 | Sale Price $196

Zoom F1-SP
U.P. $350 | Sale Price $280

Back in September, City Music invited us to test the Zoom F1. I was really sceptical with the product at first and gave it the “this would be a very niche product for content creators for the digital space” kind of thought. I was thoroughly blown away with the preamps and the look ahead limiters when I did a field test with it. I eventually went on to record the VOs for these editorials here and here. I enjoyed it so much I even bought one for myself – this price is definitely lower than what I paid, oh wells the price to pay for being an early adopter!

Samson Meteor Mic
U.P. $115 | Sale Price $86.25

Now this is a nifty piece of USB microphone that’s going for a really attractive price! It has one of the largest condenser diaphragms (25mm) of any USB microphones out there! Its cardioid pickup pattern, smooth frequency response and 16-bit, 44.1/48kHz resolution is more than enough give you professional audio results no matter what you’re recording.

Samson G-Track Pro
U.P. $275 | Sale Price $206.25

For those who need more than a microphone, the G-Track Pro is a USB microphone with an audio interface and mixer for recording two independent audio channels at one time. With the ability to capture your audio at 24-bit/96kHz, your recordings will deliver extremely detailed, high-resolution results. With plug-and-play connectivity and a straightforward design, G-Track Pro has a 25mm condenser microphone and is the right choice for musicians, podcasters or streamers.

Samson Go Mic Mobile (lavalier/hand held)
U.P. $355 | Sale Price $266.25

The go mic mobile is the first professional wireless microphone system that connects directly to smartphones without the need for cumbersome adaptors or interfaces, turning your phone into a pro-level video camera capable of capturing high definition audio anywhere. This dual-channel digital wireless system operates on the 2.4GHz band and offers up to 100′ (30m) of reliable, crystal clear operation to capture the sound of your stories, without wires. The system automatically selects the clearest operating channel for your location, while uncompressed, low latency audio transmission prevents audio sync issues.

Mackie CR3
U.P. $180 | Sale Price $144 /pair

Designed for premium sound that won’t break the bank, CR Multimedia Monitors deliver the performance you expect from a Mackie studio monitor in designs ideal for home studios, multimedia creation, AV post-production and broadcast. Plus, with user-friendly front panel features, they are great for any desktop in any situation.

Mackie MC250 Headphones
U.P. $180 | Sale Price $144

Whether you are tracking in the studio, mixing on your laptop, or even holding a boom on a set – having accurate, sturdy headphones are essential. Building on Mackie’s studio monitor legacy, MC Series headphones offer the clarity and accuracy. Mackie is known for professional, closed-back designs. Choose between the high-performance MC-150 that is perfect for studio monitoring and DJs and the MC-250 for reference quality sound that is great for critical listening and mixing. Both models feature large 50mm drivers for clear, distortion-free sound with ergonomic headbands and ear pads for hours of listening comfort in the studio or on the go.

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