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CONTEST: Stand a chance to win a pair of preview tickets to THE GOLDEN MONK!1 min read

13 November 2017 < 1 min read


CONTEST: Stand a chance to win a pair of preview tickets to THE GOLDEN MONK!1 min read

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In the Xuanguang Temple resides a Buddhist monk with supernatural powers named Butong (Zheng Kai). One day, Butong’s mentor, Kong, is struck by lightning and realises that he is the reincarnation of Crouching Tiger Arhat, who came to the human world to give guidance to Butong. Butong was the original Golden Child, punished by God to experience life and death one hundred times as he broke a sacred rule by falling in love with another fairy, Jade (Zhang Yu Qi). While Golden Child’s memories were erased, Jade refused to forget their love and accumulated goodwill over one hundred reincarnations”¦

玄光寺有疯僧不通(郑恺 饰),是被贬禦史之子,为人疯疯癫癫但有超能力,头发坚硬如铁,无法剃度。师父无空就让他带头发修行,经常下山为老百姓收妖。但主持元能为伪善之徒,经常欺负元空一派,要他们做粗活。
一日雷电交加,劈中元空头顶,元空顿时大悟,原来他是伏虎罗汉化身,下凡来点化犯了天规被罚下凡间一百世的金童,即今世的不通。原来金童与玉女(张雨绮 饰)因私恋及疏忽职守,被皇母及玉帝贬下凡间生死一百次。

Preview Screening Details:
Date: 21 November 2017, Tuesday
Time: 7.20pm
Venue: Shaw Theatres Nex

Ticket Collection Details:
Date: 21 November 2017, Tuesday
Time: 6.50pm ““ 7.20pm
Venue: Shaw Theatres Nex (Level 4) ““ Please proceed to the redemption table near the digital poster boards.

Film Details:
Release Date: 23 November 2017
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy
Rating: PG13
Directed By: Wong Jing 王晶, Billy Chung 钟少雄
Starring: Zheng Kai 郑恺, Zhang Yu Qi 张雨绮, Evonne Hsieh 谢依霖, Mao Junjie 毛俊杰, Law Kar Ying 罗家英

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3. Email to your answer, name, NRIC and mobile no. by Friday, 17 November 2017. Only winners will be notified by email. We seek your cooperation to participate only if are able to attend the screening on the date. Thank you.

Prizes courtesy of SHAW ORGANISATION.

Image and Trailer: Copyright © 2017 SHAW ORGANISATION

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