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Contest: Stand a chance to win a pair of preview tickets to MEOW!

24 July 2017


Contest: Stand a chance to win a pair of preview tickets to MEOW!

Stand a chance to win a pair of preview tickets to MEOW!

Since ancient times, the earth has been home to aliens called MEOW. They come from a faraway planet and have transformed themselves into cats, living in every corner of the world. With their adorable appearances and clever minds, MEOWs easily became the beloved pets of humans, and are served with an endless supply of food. Some MEOWs are uninhibited, living like mafia bosses; some MEOWs are smart, they treat human like minions, and live like royalty in their homes; some MEOWs are”¦


Preview Screening Details:
Preview Screening Details:
Date: 1 August 2017 (Tuesday)
Time: 7pm
Venue: Shaw Theatres Nex

Ticket Collection Details:
Date: 1 August 2017 (Tuesday)
Time: 6.30pm ““ 7pm
Venue: Shaw Theatres nex (Nex, Level 4) ““ Please proceed to the redemption table near the digital poster board

1. Share this post with your friends via any of the social media channels.
2. Watch the trailer and name one of the leads stars of MEOW.
3. Email to your answer, name, NRIC and mobile no. by Sunday, 30 July 2017. Only winners will be notified by email. We seek your cooperation to participate only if are able to attend the screening on the date. Thank you.

Release Date: 03 August 2017
Rating: TBA
Running Time: 100 min
Genre: Drama | Comedy | Sci-Fi
Directed By: Benny Chan 陈木胜

Prizes courtesy of SHAW ORGANISATION.

Image and Trailer: Copyright © 2017 SHAW ORGANISATION