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Why Photo and Video Gear Doesn’t Matter Much and Story Is Everything2 min read

28 July 2016 2 min read


Why Photo and Video Gear Doesn’t Matter Much and Story Is Everything2 min read

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What makes a photograph or movie memorable? With cinema as widespread as it is, a film needs to stand out in a big way, not only to succeed at the box office, but to be remembered in any capacity. As for photographs, it’s the same challenge. We remember the Tiananmen Square protest photo because it captured the issues sweeping the globe in a single frame. Films like “The Shining” and “There Will Be Blood” are relatively simple in terms of visuals, but have stories that will forever make them classics. And that’s exactly what makes a film or a photograph great: story.

I have no idea what that photograph or any of the films were created with. My hope for this article is to break down parts of the gear acquisition syndrome mentality. I don’t mean to condemn those that enjoy buying and looking at new gear often (I do it far too often), I just want to shed light on the impact it can have on creativity. That being said, many of the great films of the past forty years were shot on some of the best equipment available (like “The Revenant” on the Alexa 65), but that doesn’t distract from the fact that the story is great. “The Transformers” movies are shot on some of the most expensive equipment in the world, but the story is so-so. They’re shooting on this gear purely because they have the budget to do so. Films like “The Avengers” or “Captain America: Civil War” have huge budgets because they make a great deal of money and they need to be the best they can possibly be in order to live up to box office expectations. They can afford to shoot on the most expensive and difficult to obtain cameras, so they do. If you can’t afford to shoot on the C300 Mark II, but you own a C100, I don’t think your film is going to be hurt in any way.

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