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Is it ever OK to work for free?1 min read

27 July 2016 < 1 min read


Is it ever OK to work for free?1 min read

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Unfortunately the thorny issue of working or pitching for free isn’t one that’s going anywhere anytime soon. And while we’re sure everyone would agree that you should get paid for work you do, are there some situations where just for the pure joy of creating, it’s OK to make something for nada? DesignStudio’s executive strategic creative director James Hurst thinks not: “If we agree that beer and drugs are free. Until then, get paid, it is expensive working.”

Beth Wilson of Warriors Studio agrees: “Working for free devalues you and every other person within your industry. Don’t do it. With this, we believe it is cool to work for a non-monetary exchange. For example, James recently completed a small branding project for a barber pal for £0, however he now gets free haircuts for life. I recently completed a branding project for a bathroom company and my mum is now getting a new bathroom for $0. As long as something of value exchanges hands ““ it’s all good!”

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