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These Are the Things You Should Look out for when Operating a Boom Mic2 min read

22 July 2016 2 min read


These Are the Things You Should Look out for when Operating a Boom Mic2 min read

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How do you avoid the pitfalls of being “that boom operator?”

Operating a boom isn’t as simple as it looks; it actually requires a lot of expertise, finesse and physical strength. Not only do you have to know where to place the boom in order to get the best possible sound, but you also have to ensure that it doesn’t ruin the shot by bobbing into the frame. Luckily in this video from Aputure, boom operator Stephen Harrod serves up six tips that will help you take your boom game to the next level.

Some things to keep in mind the next time you operate a boom:

Make sure you are out of the way
You, not just your boom, need to keep as low a profile as possible. Sets are busy and people are usually packed like sardines in the small space around the camera, so make sure that you don’t get in the way of others trying to do their job. Be mindful of where you are and whose sight you might be obstructing. Harrod even suggests wearing clothes that minimise distraction, like black stuff that doesn’t have big prints, text, or graphics.

Go to rehearsals and understand the blocking
Being aware of how the day’s shots are going to unfold as far as blocking goes will help you not only put your boom in the right place at the right time, but it’ll help you avoid sticking it where it shouldn’t go. This is especially important if there is a lot of camera/character movement, as well as dialog in the shot, because not only will you have to move with the camera/characters, but you’ll have to know who is delivering their lines and when in order to point your boom at the right person.

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