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Working With Speedlights in Daylight1 min read

11 July 2016 < 1 min read


Working With Speedlights in Daylight1 min read

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With the recent flooding of the market with battery-powered monolights, it might seem as if the humble speedlight will only ever be found on top of the photojournalist’s camera from now on. The Profoto B1 and B2, the Broncolor Siros, and offerings from various small brands have given us options for high-powered flashes in much smaller packages than before. But sometimes, it is still more convenient to use speedlights than to lug around heavier and bulkier offerings.

“Why aren’t you taking the Einstein?” my travel partner asked as we went over our packing lists. A fair question. I’d get much better recycle times, more light, and the ability to work at any time of day. I would gain a lot. What would I lose? I would need to check my bag as it would be overweight. We would be going to extremely remote areas where I would not be able to charge the Vagabond battery. We’d be traveling by small boat and constantly on the move, which would mean more luggage to load and unload a couple of times a day. It would be doable, but it would be an annoyance for this trip. So, I chose to take a couple of my old SB-800s.

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Image Credit: Dylan Goldby

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