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The Pros and Cons of Shooting with the RED Raven 4.5K Camera1 min read

5 July 2016 < 1 min read


The Pros and Cons of Shooting with the RED Raven 4.5K Camera1 min read

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Being the latest entry in the Red’s professional cinema camera lineup, the RED Raven 4.5K is unarguably the most affordable and lightest RED camera system to date. Actually, it’s a truly revolutionary piece of technology, especially for the price point offering 120fps 4.5K RAW capabilities and stunning 240fps 2K slow-motion videos. If that is not enough, the camera is equipped with the last generation Dragon sensor, providing 4608 × 2160 maximum resolution, 16 stops of dynamic range and the proprietary colour science by Red. But, many users would ask what are the pros and cons of owning and using the camera itself. The video below produced by LensProToGo covers all the perks and quirks of this new camera so you’ll know what you’re in for before taking the leap.

Regarding built-in quality and functionality, the new Red Raven 4.5K camera features the iconic robust body style of all Red DSMC cameras boasting a tough exterior construction and set of exciting professional features with a functional configuration in the $10K to $12K range. Despite the camera’s price, users still get the option to capture footage in ProRes on its own or simultaneously with Redcode Raw, plus the slow-motion capabilities aren’t limited by buffering record limits and write times.

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via: 4K Shooters

Image Credit: RED Digital Cinema
Video Credit: Lens Pro To Go

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