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Nobody Cares About Your Film, but Here’s Why You Should Still Make It1 min read

5 July 2016 < 1 min read


Nobody Cares About Your Film, but Here’s Why You Should Still Make It1 min read

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Though it’s not the positive, inspirational message we all want to hear, it’s true: nobody really cares about your work. It’s not because it’s bad or because people are mean and out to get you-it’s because we live in a time where the over-saturation of media causes audience to have exceptionally discriminating tastes. In the past, when only a few dozen films would hit theatres (and there weren’t a whole lot of leisure activities to choose from), being picky wasn’t a luxury most audiences could afford. Now that the internet and digital filmmaking has democratised cinema, the influx of content is too much for anybody to keep up with, so viewers become increasingly selective. In the end, they don’t care about your film. How could they?

So, what do you do? Choose between selling your camera or making films no one will ever see? Sounds kind of sad-and certainly not the kind of circumstances that would motivate many filmmakers to continue exploring their craft. There is one thing, however, that might keep the fire lit inside you to keep pushing through the impossible obstacles in order to reach the level of success you aspire to reach in your film career, and photographer Ted Forbes explores it in the video below.

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via: No Film School

Image Credit: Creative Digest
Video Credit: Ted Forbes

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