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Hands-on with the DJI Osmo X5R: great pictures come at a price2 min read

1 July 2016 2 min read


Hands-on with the DJI Osmo X5R: great pictures come at a price2 min read

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The Osmo X5R is a combination of several separate pieces: A regular Osmo stabilised camera, a US$99 adapter that goes on top of the Osmo grip, and the US$3,600 Zenmuse X5R camera and SSD drive (from the Inspire drone) with a 15mm f/1.7 lens, that replaces the standard Osmo camera. The X5R shoots Raw files onto a removable 512GB SSD drive (included) while simultaneously recording compressed footage onto a micro SD card. The 512GB card is US$1500 if you want another one.

I recently went out onto New York’s High Line park in strong gusting winds to try out the Osmo X5R. The video above shows the results ““ it’s a mix of Raw and compressed but can you tell the difference? The Raw parts were shot in UHD/4K 3840×2160. The B-roll was edited from Raw files and eyeballed for colour correction in the DJI CineLight Raw conversion program as it was converted to ProRes422 for editing. The audio is from the Osmo via a Rode VideoMicro mic.

The roughly 13 minutes of footage I shot took over 12 hours to convert on a Macbook Pro laptop. The footage where you’re seeing synced sound of the drummer/musician was taken from the micro SD card and is basically the compressed proxy footage (but still UHD/4K) straight out of the camera ““ not Raw (this should be very similar, if not identical, to the output of the non-Raw version of the X5). Compare this to the Raw footage from all the other scenes, which has much less sharpening and can be tweaked quite a bit for exposure and colour as it’s converted. The included SSD card has the CineLight program on it or it can also be downloaded from DJI’s site. On my laptop, the Raw files weren’t viewable in the Mac Finder and you have to use CineLight to look at them.

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via: News Shooter

Image and Video Credit: Chuck Fadely

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