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Film Review: Distance1 min read

9 June 2016 < 1 min read


Film Review: Distance1 min read

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“˜Distance’, which opened the prestigious Golden Horse Film Festival in 2015 and widely perceived as the follow up to Anthony Chen’s hugely successful “˜Ilo Ilo’, certainly has high expectations to meet. In fact the film is not directed by Anthony himself, though he has a hand in co-writing the screenplay, and wears Executive Producer hat, helping to put the finances together, and grooming three young directors ““ Xin Yukun from China, Tan Shijie from Singapore and Sivaroj Kongsakul from Thailand to direct.

Joining the bandwagon of several recent films from Asia, the concept of an omnibus film is certainly not a novelty though a marked difference is that the three stories of “˜Distance’ which take place at different countries all star the same lead actor ““ Taiwanese idol drama leading man Chen Bolin, playing three completely different characters. The stories are being linked thematically by the concept of “distance” ““ in the physical, temporal and emotional sense. The film’s Chinese title ““ “˜Seeing You, And Not Ever Seeing You Again’ — is probably more literal in conveying what actually transpires in the three narratives.

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