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Panavision DXL is a New 8K Digital Cinema Camera with a RED Sensor1 min read

2 June 2016 < 1 min read


Panavision DXL is a New 8K Digital Cinema Camera with a RED Sensor1 min read

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In an unprecedented historic collaboration, three of the biggest names in the world of digital cinema ““ RED, Panavision and Light Iron have teamed up to create a real block-buster of a camera. The Panavision DXL is an ultra high-end 8K digital cinema camera with a RED 8K sensor, colour science by Light Iron, and optimised large format optics by Panavision! This whole thing seems like an AC’s wet dream, and since (I did check) the date is not April 1st, I’d take it as a pretty real announcement.

Billed as the most complete integrated camera system ever built, the Panavision DXL is a real marvel of camera engineering leveraging the core strengths of all three companies in a unique collaboration, which will quite possibly have, without a doubt, a huge impact on future high-end camera development. The Panavision DXL features a 35.5 Megapixel 8K CMOS sensor, can record 8K up to 60fps using the full 8,192 x 4,320 res of the sensor or 75fps using a 2.4:1 cutout. 8K Raw and 4K ProRes/DNxHR proxy files simultaneously onto an SSD is also possible.

The camera has also been meticulously designed for ergonomics, weight distribution and quick transition from a studio setup to a Steadicam setup in seconds.

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via: 4K Shooters

Image Credit: Panavision

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