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The Brand New GeForce GTX 1080 by Nvidia Outputs 8K Video at 60Hz1 min read

10 May 2016 < 1 min read


The Brand New GeForce GTX 1080 by Nvidia Outputs 8K Video at 60Hz1 min read

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Almost every announcement regarding the existing iterations of the Nvidia GeForce GTX Series GPUs has been creating a lot of buzz and excitement among gamer nerds and content creators throughout the years, and the recent introduction by Nvidia isn’t an exception. Providing up to 3x the performance of previous-generation graphics cards, the just announced GeForce GTX 1080 is the first Nvidia video card on the market that is based on the company’s revolutionary Pascal architecture. The latter offers massive leaps in performance, memory bandwidth and power efficiency over its predecessor, the high-performance Maxwell architecture. The GPU also sports Displayport 1.4, HDMI 2.0b, DL-DVI connectors and can output maximum digital resolution of whopping 7680 x 4320 at 60Hz.

On top, the GeForce GTX 1080 comes with advanced 16nm FinFET chip, 2560 CUDA cores along with next generation 8GB GDDR5X graphics memory. This cutting-edge and blazing fast, High Bandwidth memory ensures performance won’t be bottlenecked by memory-related operations even by the most demanding applications. Specifically designed for gamers in mind, the GTX 1080 introduces more advanced features such as Ansel, Simultaneous Multi-Projection, VRWorks Audio, VR PhysX, and VR Touch. For all VR enthusiasts, the GTX 1080 also offers highly advanced VR performance. Unlike Maxwell architecture, Pascal delivers 2x the VR performance of its predecessor by processing geometry for the left and right eyes simultaneously in a single pass. It’s simultaneous multi-projection technology also solves one of the largest problems with multi-monitor setups and corrects for distortions in VR.

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via: 4K Shooters

Image and Video Credit: Nvidia Corporation

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