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New Bokkelux Cine Prime Lenses for Half the Price of Zeiss CP.22 min read

9 May 2016 < 1 min read


New Bokkelux Cine Prime Lenses for Half the Price of Zeiss CP.22 min read

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If there is one trend at this year’s NAB Show, other than HDR of course, is affordable lenses. Canon announced a brand new 18-80mm servo zoom for about $5K, and Fujinon also unveiled a brand new 20-120mm T3.5 PL zoom for about US$10K. Both lenses are ready for S35 4K cameras and for the first time are offered at a price point below US$11-12K. Most pro cine zoom’s cost US$20K or above, so to have access to servo ergonomics created specifically for S35 4K cameras is quite the achievement. On the cine prime front things have been moving a bit quicker as in prior years we’ve seen the Samyang XEEN’s and also the Veydra mini primes, which offer professional cinema lens performance at a really affordable price point.

And now apparently there’s a new kid on the block. There are new affordable cine prime lenses coming from Taiwan at half the price of Zeiss CP.2’s called Bokkelux. Taiwanese based Bokkeh had a few prototype Bokkelux lenses at their booth apparently and were demoing them at the show floor. The company’s CEO Vincent Huang states in the video below by Frost & Sullivan, that the company is planning on releasing a total of 5 cine primes (25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm) later this year all at T2.0.

The best part about these lenses is the price ““ less than US$2K a pop, which makes these a steel. In comparison the Zeiss CP.2’s and the Schneider Xenon’s costs twice as much and even more depending on focal lengths and speed. Bokkeh will also offer different mounts for their Bokkelux cine primes including PL, EF, Sony E and MFT with the possibility of more in the future.

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via: 4K Shooters

Image Credit: Bokkeh

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