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DJI Announces the New Matrice 600 Drone and Ronin-MX Gimbal1 min read

18 April 2016 2 min read


DJI Announces the New Matrice 600 Drone and Ronin-MX Gimbal1 min read

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DJI showed off the 13.2lb payload Matrice 600 professional drone and the universally compatible Ronin-MX stabiliser.

In keeping with their innovation of aerial cinematography, DJI brings us two new units that continue to push the limits of this tech, while still keeping it affordable. At the top floor of the Bellagio Hotel & Casino, DJI unveiled (literally – they threw a curtain off the product encased in glass) a new drone and a new gimbal. Here’s everything we know so far:

Matrice 600

Matrice 600 Drone:
– 13.2lb payload (not including a gimbal)
– Flies up to 36 minutes with a Zenmuse camera
– Flies up to 15 minutes with larger camera like the RED Weapon
– A3 Flight Wave Controller (upgradeable to A3 Pro)
– Dual Antennae make it more accurate around metal structures
– RTK (Real Time Kinematic)
– 6 batteries for increased flight time and insurance against battery failure
– Dust proof, water resistant
– Waypoints, ‘Follow Me’
– SDI Outputs (1080i at 50fps)
– US$4,599
– Shipping “soon”

Ronin MX

– Openly compatible gimbal (mount it to a crane arm, for example)
– Communicates with DJI’s flight controller
– Easily mountable on the new M600
– 3-Axis stabilization
– Weighs 6.1 lbs
– Supports RED EPIC, ARRI ALEXA Mini and more cameras
– Battery moved to front to increase stabilization when moving forward
– 50% more powerful than Ronin-M
– 3 modes: Upright, Underslung & Briefcase
– Apparently a “5 minute set-up”
– US$1,599

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via: No Film School

Image Credit: DJI

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