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Liberate Your Shots from On-Set Decisions with Lytro’s Groundbreaking Cinema Camera1 min read

14 April 2016 < 1 min read


Liberate Your Shots from On-Set Decisions with Lytro’s Groundbreaking Cinema Camera1 min read

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Lytro’s new Cinema camera is so revolutionary that you have to ask: Is this for real?

The film world is a-twitter with the announcement of Lytro’s new camera that changes the game with its high-resolution censor, post-production capabilities and easy integration of VFX.The new Lytro Cinema camera sensor captures photons unlike any camera on the market. By grabbing detailed light field information involving the angle and direction of every bit of light in the frame, the camera creates a partially reconstructed actual 3-D space, allowing you to modify the video’s focus and depth of field after it’s shot.

If that was the only groundbreaking feature, this camera would still be a game changer, but it doesn’t stop there. The camera enables shooters to adjust almost everything after the fact; you can reposition the camera angle and tweak the frame rate and shutter speed. Further, by capturing the depth of every object in a shot, the camera could eliminate the need for a physical green screen. In other words, when you can isolate either the background or the foreground elements, it should be easy to add green-screen elements with out using an actual green screen. If the camera lives up to what Lytro’s claims, this could change the on-set experience quite dramatically.

According to Lytro, the camera has the highest resolution censor ever designed. It has the capabilities to capture 744 RAW megapixel at up to 300 frames-per-second and 16 stops of dynamic range. Also included with the camera is editing software, servers for cloud storage and processing.

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Image Credit: Lytro

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