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RED’s rebirth and resurgence1 min read

6 April 2016 < 1 min read


RED’s rebirth and resurgence1 min read

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In 2007, nobody was talking about 4K, except in highly theoretical terms. The only time you’d hear it mentioned would be in the context of delivering films for cinema. When the RED ONE first appeared, it was like an alien artefact. It looked like no camera before it. Nobody thought that a video camera could create images like that. Images that were good enough to use still frames for magazine covers. Nine years later, RED is as much a key player in high end cinema production as the great names that have been around for the best part of a hundred years. By any measure, the company has done what it said it would do. It has been part of – and in some ways has actually caused – the digital cinema revolution.

But nine years is a long time in an era of exponential technology growth. And much as nobody saw RED coming along with their 4K cameras in 2007, nobody then could have foreseen the plethora of highly competent cameras that are available today for astonishingly low prices. And no-one would have predicted that we would effectively be in a post-scarcity age, where large sensor, cinematic cameras are available at practically all levels of budget.

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Image Credit: Red Digital Cinema

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