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SINdie: Production talk “1965”1 min read

26 August 2015 < 1 min read


SINdie: Production talk “1965”1 min read

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SINdie interviewed Daniel Yun and Randy Ang on the production process for ‘1965’:

  1. How important was it to achieve accurate historicizing for the film and why?

D – The focus for almost all of us was that we needed to tell real stories. The characters may be fictional, but the settings needed to be historically accurate. Whatever happened to these characters happened to people living during that time. This was the only way we could match them with actual events in history and match them with the real character of Lee Kuan Yew in the narrative of the film.

We needed to convince ourselves that we could convince audiences, especially our pioneer generation who lived through the 1960s, who lived through the months leading up to our independence. Hence our research was extensive, both factual and anecdotal. The key is to transport audiences back in time, for some to see themselves or remember actual people they know who lived during that time.

R- We had over 1400 visual research materials from the National Archives, a historian as well as three cultural consultants onboard. There is a shot of our art department’s office, where we had all of these materials pasted up on the wall, it occupied the entire space.

But more importantly, we wanted the audience to be transported back to the 60s, sights and sounds does that. It is an emotional journey and being a little mad here makes the journey more enjoyable.

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