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TODAY Review: Ms J Contemplates Her Choice1 min read

30 July 2015 < 1 min read


TODAY Review: Ms J Contemplates Her Choice1 min read

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Kit Chan stars in a film that explores what happens when choice itself becomes destiny

SINGAPORE ““ Ms J Contemplates Her Choice, starring the eminently watchable Kit Chan as the titular character whose radio show dispensing textbook advice to people with trite problems is derailed when a murderous mystery caller forces her to choose his victims, is less a whodunit and more an allegory grounded in the specificity of Singaporean life. (The film, which also stars Xiang Yun, Bobby Tonelli, Shane Pow and Seraph Sun, premiered at the Singapore International Film Festival last year.)

More than a psychological thriller, Ms J is an exploration of how the past shapes the present and, perhaps, the illusion of agency. It ruminates on that age-old debate between fate and free will: Are we in control of our own fortunes, or are we playthings of the gods? What happens when we are forced to play God?

Sure, the movie does have glaring faults ““ stilted dialogue, the clumsy way in which the mystery of the killer unravels, the casting of the child actors ““ but the way in which it presents its ideas is thought provoking enough to make this a film worth watching.

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