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How to Use Indirect Bounce Light1 min read

30 July 2015 < 1 min read


How to Use Indirect Bounce Light1 min read

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It is incredible how just one light that is not direct, but bouncing off something, changes the mood and tone of your image. It doesn’t have to be from a bounce card; it can be a wall, a floor or a ceiling. Indirect light is one of my favorite lights to use. I feel it mimics what your eyes see because it is natural, soft, forgiving and beautiful.

The Hurlblog will be benefitting from Shane’s Inner Circle in the coming months by sharing some of the pearls of content with you. This series that is currently at Part 5 goes into 32 types of bounce light sources of all colors, qualities and quantities. It dives into how I use DIY techniques to lower costs and save production money, how I can use a specific paper to emulate warm practical light, and showcases how hard some bounce sources can be and how to shape them to get the best out of a small lighting footprint. These videos based on my years of experience specifically take you through how I create, how I envision light and the emotional impact of that source and that choice. Please enjoy a small portion of “Lighting Techniques, the Power of Bounce Light: Part 1.” These tools are easy to implement and will change the way you light.

The response from Inner Circle members about this lighting technique series has been amazing.

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Image Credit: Shane’s Inner Circle

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